When we did our Question of the Week several weeks ago talking about the proposed toter plan for the City of Pittsfield, it was a pendulum of opinions. In the end, the Live 95.9 listening audience voted against the plan.

For those folks, they can now be satisfied.

On Tuesday, Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer released a statement to let the city residents know that the new system that has been discussed will not be coming to fruition.

"It is first important to know that over the course of 18 months, city staff engaged in a rigorous review, analysis, preparation and outreach toward the development of this plan. As we’ve publicly stated, the proposal sought to modernize Pittsfield’s trash removal services through automation and city-issued toters, a 45-gallon for trash and 96-gallon for single-stream recycling," Tyer said on Tuesday.

"We believed that benefits included, but were not limited to, cost savings, enhanced efficiency and a boost to our community’s recycling practices.

"While our belief has not wavered in the plan’s potential for the city’s enrichment, we also understand that many still have unresolved questions and concerns about the plan and its impact on the community. We recognize that the success of a program such as this greatly benefits from the understanding, support and trust of those it will most impact.

"In recognition of these perspectives, and after much consideration and review, the City of Pittsfield will not be moving forward with this initiative," Tyer continued. "We extend a heartfelt thank you to the citizens of Pittsfield for their robust engagement and participation in the discussions surrounding this plan. The City remains committed to the reduction of solid waste and increased recycling as an important long-term goal. Looking ahead, we will continue to seek ways to enrich and advance our city together."

After about a year of attempting to put the plan in motion, the City Council rejected it, sending it back for further work. Tyer would take it to the residents to show them the 45 and 90 gallon toters, as well as holding public meetings in hopes to further educate the community.

Although Mayor Tyer still believes in the plan, she, along with the rest of the current administration, have made the decision to move away from implementing it; for now at least.

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