Operation Copsicle has their ice cream truck.

On Friday, The Giant Haddad Dealerships put the efforts across the finish line with a $10,000 donation and the keys to their brand new ice cream truck -- soon to be the coolest ice cream truck in Pittsfield.

George Haddad presented PPD Officers Darren Derby and Sean Klink with the keys, along with the news that the their hard work, along with the hard work of our community, has paid off.

You can check out the video of the presentation below:

"When Haddad's heard that Officer Darren Derby was in the market for a Community Ice Cream Truck, we got right to work to help him find the perfect vehicle," Haddad said in a statement on Friday. "With donations from the Haddad Dealerships and many other awesome local organizations, it didn't take long.

"(Friday) George Haddad presented Officer Derby and Officer Klink with the keys to what will soon be the coolest Ice Cream truck in Pittsfield!"

Being able to watch the community come together for this cause has been incredible, and that word may be an understatement. From local businesses, groups, adults and even the children of Pittsfield, Operation Copsicle is becoming a reality. I could not be prouder of what has been accomplished. Hopefully, we will hear from Officers Derby and Klink next week on Live 95.9 to talk about this unbelievable road.


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