After just four months at their new location inside the Crawford Square building on North St. in Pittsfield, Red Apple Butchers has closed. Owner Jazu Stine is citing a lack of new business, and weak support from regulars from their old location inside Berkshire Organics.

Stine is not ruling out re-opening at the current location, as he signed a three year lease; however, he is on the look out for a partner to help out, according to

It comes down to access to capital. If I had a lot more access to capital, we could keep going for a while. I do believe the model can and would work. At this point, we would need somebody to come in as a partner, somebody who really believes in what we are trying to do here and wants to help it grow to move forward.

I was a big fan and a customer of Red Apple Butchers at their old location. My wife and I would often buy their ground beef and bacon combo to make an awesome meatloaf, and my father in law swore by their pork chops.

Stine said that only 10% of their customer base followed them to downtown Pittsfield. I was part of that 10%. I shopped for some fresh local meat, and on another occasion, enjoyed a burger topped with a fried egg and onion rings for lunch.

Did you know they served lunch at the new location? Did you even know they moved? Or was it the parking that deterred you? Either way, Jazu says he still loves and believes in Pittsfield and Red Apple Butchers. I wish him the best of luck.




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