Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? How about a 2-for-1 special that supports both restaurants and residents of Pittsfield? Restaurant dining rooms in Pittsfield were abruptly shut down on November 13 due to a spike in COVID cases. They are the only restaurants in the State of Massachusetts unable to provide in-person dining and are struggling with the increased restrictions. In addition, many of the families in Pittsfield are in need of assistance due to the overall economic impacts of COVID. The proposed project would support both groups by raising money to pay restaurants to provide holiday dinners for Pittsfield families.

The participating restaurants include Patrick’s Pub, Zucchini’s, Roasted Garlic, The Hot Dog Ranch, Mazzeo’s, Otto’s, and The Highland. All Pittsfield restaurants, affected by the ban on in-person dining, are still welcome to join. The funds raised will be split evenly among participating restaurants who are then responsible for distributing meals to Pittsfield non-profit organizations. All restaurants will provide a family-style meal of chicken parmesan, pasta, and salad.

Local non-profit agencies will identify families to receive a holiday dinner. Orders will be divided among restaurants that will fill orders and deliver to those agencies. Meals will then be directly distributed to Pittsfield families through each agency on December 23, 2020. This process will ensure the privacy of each family as well as effective communication and distribution to each family in need. Agencies involved include, but are not limited to: The Boys & Girls Club, Elizabeth Freeman Center, and Department of Children and Families.

This is the best 2-for-1 deal of the season and a win-win for all parties involved! The restaurants will get the much-needed income and the families will have a delicious meal for the holidays. Please consider joining this goal of spreading holiday hope, to 1,000 Pittsfield families, one meal at a time.

Donations are being accepted through the Go Fund Me account and Venmo (www.venmo.com/Heather-AugeMcNeice). (Family of 2 for $20, Family of 4 for $30, Family of 6 for $40)

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