Sometimes you just need to read a feel good story, and today is most certainly one of those days. The Springfield College Softball Team program, is a much needed reminder of the good in humanity.

According to Western Mass News, Talia Soto, new to the Springfield area, is 12 years old and battling cancer. One of the joys in her life is softball, and through the non profit Team Impact, which matches children who live with chronic illnesses with collegiate sports programs, Springfield College is making her dreams come true.

This past week Soto was deemed an honorary player on the roster and she could not be more thrilled, vowing that cancer will not stop her from getting out on the field with her tea, or her favorite part of pratice, the teams dance breaks.

"I’m really excited. I’m glad I got into this program, cause now all the softball team is my family now"


Talia Soto, via Western Mass News

The impact the signing has had on their new teammates life is not lost on the players, who were more than happy to welcome the 12 year old to joining their squad, and look forward to seeing her at practice and games, especially when Soto explained how lost and lonely she felt, from being stuck in the hospital with chemo treatments.

 "She just moved here, so knowing that we’re some of her first friends here in the Springfield area, that is really important to us,"

  Softball player Kirsten Drobiak

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