Super Tuesday is the day the most states hold contests on to pick a presidential nominee and the day the most voters have the chance to go to the polls. Massachusetts will join 13 other states in casting ballots in presidential primaries for the Democrat, Republican, Green-Rainbow and Libretatirian parties.

If you are registered as a Democrat, Republican, Green-Rainbow or Libertarian, you can only vote on the ballot of the party you are registered for. However, if you're registered as unenrolled or registered for any other party other than the four previously mentioned, you can select any one of the ballots to cast your vote in.

In Massachusetts, polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. regardless of what municipality you live in. In most cases, you will vote at the same location you would for any other election, however you can double-check this list to be sure.

Adams: Department of Public Works garage, 92 N. Summer St.; 413-743-8320

Alford: Town Hall, 5 Alford Center Road; 413-528-4536

Becket: Town Hall, 557 Main St.; 413-623-8934, ext. 11

Cheshire: Senior Center, 119 School St.; 413-743-1690

Clarksburg: Senior Center; 413-663-8255

Dalton: Community Center, 400 Main St.; 413-684-6111

Egremont: Fire station, 175 Egremont Plain Road; 413-528-0182, ext. 11

Florida: Town Office, 379 Mohawk Trail; 413-664-6685

Great Barrington: 413-528-3140, ext. 3.

- Precincts A, C, D: Fire station, State Road

- Precinct B (Housatonic): Community Center, Main Street

Hancock: Hancock School, Route 43; 413-738-5225

Hinsdale: Town Hall, 39 South St.; 413-655-2301

Lanesborough: Town Hall, 83 North Main St.; 413-442-1351

Lee: Crossway Village, 21 Crossway St.; 413-243-5505

Lenox: Town Hall, 6 Walker St.; 413-637-5506

Monterey: Town Hall, 435 Main Road; 413-528-5175

Mount Washington: Town Hall, 118 East St.; 413-528-2839

New Ashford: Town Hall, 188 Mallory Road; 413-458-5461

New Marlborough: Town Hall, 807 Mill River Southfield Road; 413-229-8278

North Adams: St. Elizabeth's Parish Center, St. Anthony Drive (all wards); 413-662-3015

Otis: Town Hall, 1 N. Main St.; 413-269-0101


Peru: Community Center, 3 E. Main Road; 413-655-8312

Pittsfield: 413-499-9460

- Ward 1, Precincts A & B: Reid Middle School, 950 North St.

- Ward 2, Precinct A: Morningside Community School, 100 Burbank St.

- Ward 2, Precinct B: Fire station, 9 Somerset Ave.

- Ward 3, Precinct A: Providence Court, 379 East St.

- Ward 3, Precinct B: Egremont Elementary School, 84 Egremont Ave.

- Ward 4, Precinct A: Herberg Middle School, 501 Pomeroy Ave.

- Ward 4, Precinct B: Williams Elementary School, 50 Bushey Road

- Ward 5, Precincts A & B: Berkshire Athenaeum, 1 Wendell Ave.

- Ward 6, Precinct A: Columbus Arms, 65 Columbus Ave.

- Ward 6, Precinct B: Conte Community School, 200 W. Union St.

- Ward 7, Precinct A: Fire station, 54 Pecks Road

- Ward 7, Precinct B: Capeless Elementary School, 86 Brooks Ave.

Richmond: Town Hall, 1529 State Road; 413-553-7409

Sandisfield: Old Town Hall, 3 Silverbrook Road; 413-258-4170

Savoy: Senior Center, 720 Main Road; 413-743-3759

Sheffield: Senior Center, 25 Cook Road; 413-229-8752

Stockbridge: Town Offices, 50 Main St.; 413-298-4170

Tyringham: Town Hall, 116 Main Road; 413-243-1749

Washington: Town Hall, 8 Summit Hill Road; 413-623-2185

West Stockbridge: Village School, 21 State Line Road; 413-232-0300

Williamstown: Williamstown Elementary School, 115 Church St.; 413-458-9341

Windsor: Town Hall, 1890 Route 9; 413-684-3811


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