Tony Riello is a man about town. He's a master barber, he's a runner, he's a realtor, and now he wants Pittsfield to enjoy his batting cage.

Besides Mike Massery's "The Infield" on Lyman St., I don't think there's a batting cage in Pittsfield for public use. Baseball fans and players alike need somewhere to take some cuts!

Riello now has the solution. ⚾




While he and his crew are still trying to clean up the property behind Riello's "Rocco's North End Barbershop" on upper North St. across from Crane Ave. in Pittsfield, an in operation batting cage is waiting for you.


I met with Riello at noon on Thursday to take some cuts myself. I know Marjo endlessly makes fun of me for knowing minimal about current pro sports stats, but there was a time when I was OBSESSED with home run derby with my buddies in my late 20's/early 30's.

I went 7 for 10 in the cage with 2 doubles by the way.

Serioulsy though, I think this is super cool for Pittsfield as we have many more warm days left. Bring your own helmet and bat and enjoy some swings in this for public use batting cage.

Riello can be reached at (413) 770-6384.

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