This November Massachusetts voters will hit the voting booth for the 2022 statewide election, the first since the country's historic 2020 election.

While Bay State voters won't select a president in this year's statewide election, several other important races will be decided including Governor and Lieutenant Governor and local District Attorneys and Sheriffs.

2020 was a record-setting election for voter turnout across the country and right here in Massachusetts. As we've continued to live through unprecedented times over the past two years, I'm wondering what voter turnout will be at this year and if we will see a repeat of high voter turnout.

In anticipation of this November's election, we're taking a look at the cities and towns that had the highest voter turnout in Massachusetts. Statewide, Massachusetts voters produced a 76% voter turnout which equates to 3,657,972 ballots cast, making the highest voter turnout the Commonwealth had seen in over 30 years.

Five Massachusetts communities blew that 72% mark away cranking out over a 90% voter turnout, take a look below.


These Five Massachusetts Communities Had a 90% Voter Turnout in 2020 Election:

  • Harvard - 90.98%
  • Westhampton - 90.83%
  • Mount Washington - 90.78%
  • Medfield - 90.50%
  • Dover - 90.09%

It's definitely worth noting that these five towns with such a high voter turnout are also extremely small population-wise, all having under 10,000 registered voters.

According to data from, it seems that there is a definite correlation between population size and voter turnout. Seven of Massachusetts' ten largest cities were in the bottom 12 of the lowest turnout rates. Springfield, which is the Commonwealth's third-largest city had the state’s lowest turnout rate just under 53 percent.


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