As close to 100,000 people have already seen, Thursday morning began in a very odd way in one of the busiest intersections of Pittsfield.

At around 7:30 a.m., two gentlemen had an issue while commuting to wherever they needed to go on the corner of Dalton Avenue and Merrill Road. They decided as the light turned red that it was time to settle the issue in the form of fisticuffs.

Not long after, a video had surfaced of the altercation. The two men had a fight, and about 30 seconds later, it was over. Mikki Adams from Pittsfield was going about her morning just like any other and happened to be right behind the respective cars of the combatants as they began fighting in the middle of the street. Adams joined the Live 95.9 Morning Show to discuss her crazy morning and reveal that this rivalry began to brew even earlier.

"This had stemmed from another intersection and they decided to handle it like men," Adams told Slater & Marjo in the Morning on Friday. "I was doing my normal routine and taking my nephew to school. I saw them in the street and I didn't realize they were fighting until we got closer. My phone was right next to me and my nephew asked, 'What are they doing?'"

At the time of this post, the short video had been viewed over 90,000 times and had been shared on over 2,000 different occasions. In a world full of technology, when you see something out of the ordinary, such as this moment, capturing it is just a natural thing. It's a conversation piece at the workplace, if anything. What stemmed from posting a video to her Facebook page turned into something completely outrageous.

"I actually posted it and left it alone," Adams said. "Then, a few of my friends reached out to me asking me to change my privacy settings so they could share it. After that, it literally blew up."

Adams was brought onto the Morning Show, not to condone the fight or violence, but to walk listeners through an absolutely nutty experience of driving to where you need to go on a weekday morning and running into something that just doesn't happen; especially at 7:30 a.m. It just is not normal.

A street fight should not be promoted, violence is never the answer or first response. However, in this situation, especially in the world we live in where shootings and catastrophic event happen on, seemingly, a weekly basis, this situation of simple road rage could've ended with a much worse result.

"That's what I was saying," Adams said. "No guns, weapons or anything. It could've ended way worse."

There are two sides to every scenario as far as the public eye goes -- there are a vast majority of people who enjoy a good out of the ordinary scene; a "train wreck" type scenario if you will that you just can't take your eyes off of.

On the other side of the coin, there are folks out there who think this whole situation is absolutely ridiculous, which is understandable. In this case, there is also a third mindset where lessons can be learned. For Mikki Adams, and for a fair percentage of folks who watched the video, there is a lesson to be passed along. Don't be so darn angry, especially behind the wheel of an automobile. That's why, despite the handful of negative comments, Adams has no regrets about recording the altercation.

"Not at all," Adams explained. "I don't regret (recording) it. To be honest, I appreciate that it was hands and not guns. You see on the news all the time -- somebody cuts somebody off, or doesn't use their signal -- they jump out of the car and you don't know how this is going to end. These guys fought and then both went on with their day."



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