I've said it before and I'll say it again. Berkshire County is loaded with bear sightings this summer. I don't know if there is actually an uptick of bear activity or if people just always have their phone ready to go to snap a picture or video, but there's definitely a decent amount of sightings that have been recorded and shared in local Berkshire County Facebook groups.

Scrolling through the groups, I have at times read comments from members about the increased bear activity. There may be something to that because it seems like almost daily another group of bear videos get posted to social media. Thankfully, all of the videos that I have seen thus far, show bears at a safe distance and they're either wandering around, looking for food or just more or less exploring. The videos are really entertaining especially when the folks recording aren't in danger.

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A fun video I have recently come across was posted in The Berkshires Facebook group. This video features a young black bear climbing very fast up a tree, pausing for a couple of seconds to take a look around and then the bear zooms back down the tree and frolics off. Thanks to Jeremy Dunn for sharing this video in the Facebook group. The video was taken in Becket. Jeremey comments that it's 'the summer of bear.' I couldn't agree more especially in Berkshire County. Take a look at the video below:

Another comment I liked that Jeremy shared in the Facebook comments section was the following:

This little guy (seems a bit runty to me) has been hanging around our neighborhood for a few weeks. No mom in sight; although my two-doors-down neighbor told me he saw *three* full-grown bears at the foot of his driveway, this morning. Welcome to Becket.

..And welcome to the Berkshires in general. Thanks Jeremy.

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