Many of us love and crave nostalgia. As someone who grew up in Northern Berkshire County, I have fond memories of Coury's Drive-In which was on Curran Highway in North Adams. In addition, I loved buying CDs at the local Record Giant which was also located in North Adams (the "L" shaped Mall to be exact). I also was very fond of renting movies from Video Studio both at the Adams and North Adams locations. I loved toy shopping at the Toy Works in Pittsfield or going for a delicious bite to eat with my family at Bonanza also in Pittsfield. And who didn't love shopping at the Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough back in the heyday of mall culture?

Now that I'm older, I kind of wish I used my family video camera more often to capture some of these treasured locations on film. You don't think about those things at the time. You take it for granted that these places will be around forever until they are not. At least I have other people in my life who also remember these fun locations. It makes for great conversation.

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Luckily Some People Did Take the Camera With Them When They Were Exploring the Berkshires Back in the Day

If you are someone who grew up in Pittsfield and want to take a walk I(or a ride) down memory lane, you are in luck. A gentleman named Peter shared a video on YouTube which features a look at downtown Pittsfield back in 1987. It's pretty cool to take a look at Pittsfield's culture from 35 years ago. Check it out below and enjoy. This should take care of your local nostalgia craving for today.

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