After the success of Money Pies, Berkshire County native Raiche, continues to work with Atlantic Records and just dropped a video for her new song Complicated.

The 23 year old singer, who was a graduate of Lenox Memorial Middle and High School, has also just completed work on a seven song EP, which includes the previous two singles and five new tracks, is available March 1 on all streaming platforms.

Raiche visited Slater and I in studio this morning and it's clear the up and coming vocalists is thrilled about her new song, which gives her a more mature distinct sound, telling us that this is her 'absolute, favorite song ever'.

I love "Complicated" for its nostalgic feel. I love it even more because it highlights self love. You have to love yourself before you can love another. -Raiche

In addition to working on the upcoming EP, Raiche is excited to be starting rehearsals with a live band, choreographer and dancers, which she hopes will bring her live performances to the next level.

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